Harrington Street Public School is situated in Cabramatta West. To the north is John Street, behind the school to the west runs Green Valley Creek, and it is within walking distance of Cabramatta Road to the south. In addition to K-6 classes we also have an Opportunity Class, 3 Support Classes and a Preschool. It has a diverse student population with over 1,000 students, 90% of whom are from Non English Speaking Backgrounds (predominantly Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer).

The school is committed to providing quality learning opportunities for all students in a positive, safe and supportive learning environment. The school continues to celebrate the excellent academic achievements of students, a result of effective teaching programs and a supportive parent body. Harrington Street Public School has a strong Community Language program in Mandarin, Vietnamese and Khmer.

School Captains and Prefects are chosen each year from our group of Year 6 students by a student ballot.

This years School Prefects are:
Front row right to left: Tyran 5/6W, Vienna 6D, Alan 6M, Chelsea 6D, Ethan 6I, Naite 6G
Back row right to left: Hana 6M, Dorothy 6D, Jacinta 5/6W, Dylan 5/6W, Madison 6D, Michael 6I, Susaia 6G, Erin 6M, Jaymian 6G, Jason 6D