History - 1970's

A selection of photographs from the 1970's appears below. The 'History of Harrington Street Public School, - 50 Years'  DVD is available for purchase for $5.00. The DVD includes a number of general school and class photos from each decade until 2012.

1. 1970 - Rugby Teams photos as appear on album page
2. 1971 - Class 1B1
3. 1973 - Famous singer Judy Stone visits the school's Fair (lady on the right of the photo with her hands on her legs)
4. 1975 - Class 1 Yellow
5. 1977 - Anzac Day - Students preparing to lay their class wreaths wearing their sports uniforms
6. 1978 - Class 5M photo taken in the Library
7. 1970's -  Students on an excursion to the city, waiting at Cabramatta Railway Station for a train