Our School - Awards

align=rightHarrington Street PS encourages and rewards positive student behaviour.

1 x Bronze Award, Silver Award, Diamond Award or Gold Award = 1 White Certificate
1 x Deputy Principal's Award or Principal's Award = 1 White Certificate,
4 x White Certificates = 1 Blue Award
4 x Blue Awards = 1 Red Banner
1 x Presentation Day Achievement Award = 1 Red Banner
1 x Medallion from Presention Day = 1 Red Banner
4 x Red Banners or equivalents  = 1 Trophy

When students have collected enough awards, they should take them to the front office.

Awards are presented to students in class or in grade assembles except trophies which are handed out during Monday morning assembly.

Download a PDF of the following items:

* A chart of the HSPS Awards  click below to download
* HSPS Student Management Policy click below to download