Our School - Student Representative Council (S.R.C)

Students from  Years 2-6  are elected to represent their class on the S.R.C. Weekly meetings are held to discuss issues of concern and develop programs of interest to all students.

The successful student representatives for 2016 are:
Back Row: Eddie 6M, Guangyu 6B, Denique 6Y, Rachana 4T, Martin 5L Peter 5/6T
2nd Back Row: Porschia 4B, Tony 3M, Trisha 4E, Daniel 3T, Helen 4P, Peter 3A, Angela 3W, Isabella 3P
Front Row: Andy 2/6H, Alisa 6S, Juralak 5I, Elayna 5F, Joselyn 4K, Richard 5/6, Natalie 5/6D, Celina 5S, Philip 5/6D

(2016 SRC membersNot present for the photograph Tara )