Our School - 2018 Classes

 2018 Teaching Staff

Principal: Mr J Massard

Deputy Principals: Mrs K Bentley and Mr T Ta

Instructional Leaders: Ms D Reid, Ms R Reynolds, Mrs D Wajzer

KA Mrs M Antovski KC Ms K Campbell (AP) KH Mrs F Hasna
KM Mrs A Mastroieni KR Ms R Alvis KSJ Mrs A Smith (AP) and Mrs J Manuele
KY Ms K Yol 1A Mrs T Allen 1G Ms K Grabham
1M Ms J Meredith 1R Ms R Reyes 1S Ms S Gutierrez 
Mrs L Walter 2C Ms M Ciampa 2G Ms M Gideon
2M Ms Mulligan  2T Ms K Tao (AP)  2V Ms W Vo 
3F Mrs Facchetti-Hill 3H Ms Hilleard 3M Ms MacKay
Ms H Nguyen 3T Mrs L Tao (AP) 4CW Mrs Cao/Ms Wang
4M Ms Manderson 4S Mr Sama 4V Ms J Vo
5A Ms Wong 5B Ms Basili 5F Ms Field
Mr Tran 5WN Ms Win and Mrs Nikolovski 5/6M Mrs Mazzetti (AP)
Mrs Ignjatovic 6L Ms Lay 6P Mr Platt
6Q Ms Quang 6Z Ms Ida  K/6G  Mrs Gullo
2/6R Ms Rose K/6K Mrs Kumru    

Preschool - Green Groups   Preschool - Red Groups    
PS1F Mrs Finlayson (Mon, Tues, every 2nd Wed,) PS1M Mrs Misitano (Mon, Tues, every 2nd Wed)    
PS2F Mrs Finlayson (Thurs, Fri and every 2nd Wed.) PS2M Mrs Misitano (Thurs, Fri and every 2nd Wed.)    

Stage 3 has an Opportunity Class (OC class.) Students from the local area and beyond may apply for competitive entry to this class. Application details are provided annually to Year 4 students. This process is conducted through the DEC state office. 

We have three classes for students assessed as experiencing mild or moderate intellectual impairment. Taxi transport may be available for these students.

The school has 4 preschool classes. See Enrolments Preschool for more information.