Our Students - Student Representative Council (SRC)

 Students from Years 3-6  are elected to represent their class on the S.R.C. Weekly meetings are held to discuss issues of concern and develop programs of interest to all students.

The successful student representatives for 2017 are: 
Back Row: Natalie D. 5/6F, Lavinia F. 6M, Emily L 6BC. Cindy T. 5/6T Rebecca N. 5W, Linda N. 5B, Sivgech T. 5/6T, Bridget W. 5/6P, Becky T. 5/6P, Christopher K. 5R, Patrick N. 5/6S Ryan L. 5/6F, Peter H. 5/6F, Kevin .L 2/6H.

Front Row: Jayden D. 4L, Tony L. 4V. Thomas P. 3N, Adam T. 3F, Austin L. 4K, Lucia T. 4I, Paige T. 3T, Angelina H. 4D, Amelia S.. 3DC, Paula V. 2/6H

(2017 SRC members not present for the photograph Elisha T. 5A and Alex D. 6I )