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GRIP leadership conference

Our 2018 prefects attended the GRIP leadership conference at the Quay Centre in Homebush. Here’s what our prefects Dandre and Haneefah had to say about their day.

We went to the Quay Centre in Homebush and we went with the whole prefect team. We learnt more things about being a leader and understanding how to be a good leader. It was an amazing experience and fantastic meeting the other leaders from other schools. – Dandre

At the GRIP Conference, we learned leadership is an action and not a position. We learned that to transform means to make changes that will help others and also to grow ourselves. We learned that student leader who transforms will work with others and develop new strategies and ideas. The first step to being a leader is not being given a position, but is transforming yourself into a leader.

There are 4 things that help transform someone into a leader. They are our attitude, our words, our actions, and care. We can convey these by using our mind, our mouth, our hands, and most of all, our heart.

We should always lead like a strawberry, not like a watermelon. Watermelon leaders appear differently on the outside to who they are on the inside. However, strawberry leaders appear the same on the outside as who they are on the inside. A strawberry leader is a leader with integrity. This means A leader who is the same on the inside as how they act and speak on the outside. There are 5 ways to have a ‘BERRY’ good leader with integrity:

BE SURE to do the right thing
ENCOURAGE others to do the right thing
REFUSE to lie
RESPOND when you see something that is not right
YOU OVERCOME criticism

We also learned that simple changes that leaders make can positively transform our school. We learned ways we can contribute to our school. There are 6 ways to contribute positive change. They are:

Clarify WHAT we want to DO
How does this change BENEFIT OTHERS
Name the PEOPLE who will ASSIST you in this change
Go FORWARD with the change
Evaluate the CHANGE

We learned that leadership is like a map because you have to find you way to the right path.

Leadership is like a traffic light because there are many times when you have to stop and take a few different turns.
Leadership is like a tree because your knowledge and leadership skills will keep growing.
Leadership is like a telephone because you will hear many calls for help and you will have to communicate with others.
Leadership is like water because you will have to flow with other peoples’ contribution.
And finally, leadership is like a box of chocolates because you never know what obstacles you would have to face.

Lead like a strawberry not a watermelon

We learned a lot from the GRIP Student Leadership Conference!

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