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Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day is a day where all Australians help clean our country. This year Harrington Street Public School participated in Clean Up Australia Day on March 2.

Students and teachers spent their time getting outside and cleaning up rubbish in and around the school. The stages split up into different areas of the school. The teachers gave their students a glove each so they could help pick up disgusting litter and keep the area clean.

By cleaning up the school and having fun, HSPS and many other schools are helping the government clean up Australia as it shows that we respect for the land we live on. The government is trying SUPER hard to get every Australian citizen up onto their feet for Clean up Australia Day.

Clean up Australia Day was founded by two farmers, disgusted by how much rubbish there was to be found. They made this special day to help the animals of our nation from eating OUR rubbish, mistaking it for food. Also, bad people can chuck out dangerous things such as shattered glass, broken syringes and spilled chemicals.

Clean Up Australia Day isn’t the only day to clean up our mess – any day is! So whenever you see some disgusting litter lying around, pick it up and put it in the bin! Join and participate in Clean up Australia Day and make the world a better place!

By Delina and Jacob

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