So dramatic!

Stage 1 participated in a fabulous drama workshop in Term 3. Here are some reports from the students.

From 1A: 

1A enjoying their drama incursion dressing up as a character from Tiddalik. 1A loved the warm up activity moving and miming the characters from this indigenous story.

From 1M:

1M had a fantastic time at the Drama Toolbox workshop. We told the story of Tiddalick and acted as the animals in the story. It was great fun expressing ourselves in creative ways!

From Tiah and Ruby in 2M: 

2M went to Drama Toolbox and got to dress up in fun costumes. We did drama about the book Tiddalick the Frog. The animals we dressed up as came from the story. We were kookaburras, cockatoos, emus, wombats, frilled neck lizards and kangaroos. Everyone got to dress up in two costumes and act the animal out. We had a great time and cannot wait to act out more stories.

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