• Harrington street students assembled in the shape of a map of Australia
    Students in the library reading books
    Students beginning the cross country race in 2017.
    Four students collaborating on a task.
    harrington street prefects sitting in front of the grip leadership sign
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Parents and Carers Update for COVID-19

After meeting with the school executive staff and the P&C executive these are the strategies we are putting in place to support the most recent advice from the Department of Education in relation to addressing the COVID-19 issue. COVID-19 17.03 Update for Parents

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Schools to implement distancing measures

From NSW Department of Education. The NSW Department of Education is introducing proactive measures to limit the impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in our schools. 15 March 2020 Mark Scott, Secretary of the Department of Education, today announced that schools would adopt social distancing measures requiring them to cancel assemblies,…

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COVID-19 and public schools in NSW

From the NSW Deparment of Education. Find out how you can keep up to date, engage best practice hygiene, and about learning continuity in the case of non-operational schools 14 March 2020 Communication during COVID-19 You can follow updates on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) using a number of channels. As always,…

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