At Harrington Street Preschool we strive to embrace for our children and our families a sense of belonging in the Harrington Street Public School Community.

For our children to enjoy being a child by engaging with the world through play and having the opportunity to engage with educators on the journey to become lifelong learners.

At Harrington Street Preschool our hours of operation are from 9:00 – 3:00pm.

We have 80 children enrolled split into 2 groups, Group 1 and Group 2.

Group 1 – Monday and Tuesday

Blue Class is led by Mrs Misitano and Mrs Cheung

Green Class is led by Miss Angelis, Miss Alma (Monday and Tuesday)  and Ms Trieu (Wednesday).

Group 2 – Thursday and Friday

Pink Class is led by Mrs Misitano and Mrs Cheung.

Red Class is led by Miss Angelis and Ms Trieu (Wednesday to Friday).

Both classes share a Wednesday on an alternate odd/even fortnightly rotation.

Programs Within Our Preschool

  • Library Day is on every Wednesday where both classes visit the library and listen to a story read by Ms Bastion. Parents and children also have the opportunity to borrow books from the library.
  • Our Buddies Program is held on a fortnightly basis from 2:15-3pm.
    • Tuesday – Group 1 – 4CW split between Blue and Green class.
    • Thursday – Group 2 – 4M split between Pink and Red class.
  • Munch and Move Program is a NSW initiative program to promote healthy eating and fitness. At our preschool we spend 30 mins teaching fundamental movement skills such as kicking, striking, hopping, running etc.
  • Educa is an online app that educators in our preschool use to document children’s successes, celebrations what they engage in throughout the day.

Summer Program

Summer Program 2018.png